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Public Knowledge Opposes EU Parliament’s Adoption of Copyright Directive Harming Free Expression Online


Today, the European Parliament voted to amend the Copyright Directive to force platform companies to create content-upload filters and pay media organizations a link tax. Public Knowledge specifically opposes policies like Article 13 and Article 11. Once adopted by Europe, there is a substantial danger that this idea might be adopted around the world.

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How Europe’s New Copyright Directive Targets Your Favorite Mods

How many images or videos have you seen of Minecraft? If you’ve seen versions of the game with fantastic characters from some of your favorite franchises or exotic lands, then you may have been looking at a mod. Modifications (or “mods”) are how members of the gaming community add to the games they love. Companies realize that mods are great for business and keep games alive and popular, enabling them to stand on their own for much longer.

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