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Public Knowledge Sees Net Neutrality Issue with Comcast Product

March 26, 2012 Data Caps , Network Neutrality , Press Release

The following is attributed to Gigi B. Sohn, president and CEO of Public Knowledge:
“The reports that Comcast is offering a video product through the Xbox 360 without the data counting toward the customer’s data cap raises questions not only of the justification for the caps but, more importantly, of the survival of an Open Internet.
“This type of arrangement is exactly the type of situation the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) rules on the Open Internet were designed to prevent — that an Internet Service Provider juggles the rules to give itself an advantage over a competitor.
“The Xbox 360 provides a number of video services to compete for customer dollars, yet only one service is not counted against the data cap — the one provided by Comcast.

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PK In The Know Podcast: OH/DC and iPad vs. 4G

March 23, 2012 Data Caps , Innovation

On today’s podcast we explain OH/DC: Open Source Hardware comes to DC. We also discuss problems that new iPad users are running into on 4G networks (and issue Public Knowledge has focused on for some time).

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AT&T’s Plan to Cash in on the App Economy

February 27, 2012 AT&T , Data Caps

AT&T has announced a new scheme that is wholly incompatible with an open Internet and could threaten the vibrant and growing app economy. Its idea is to charge app developers to have the data their apps use exempt from data usage caps, opening up grand new possibilities for double dipping.

App developers have succeeded in bringing value to consumers precisely because the app marketplace has low barriers to entry–a mobile game from EA or productivity app from Apple or Microsoft competes on even terms with software from small companies and one-man shops. AT&T’s plan would give an advantage to deep-pocketed app developers and do serious damage to this innovative sector.

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Public Knowledge Questions AT&T Data Cap Plan

February 27, 2012 AT&T , Data Caps , Press Release

The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that AT&T plans the equivalent of an 800 number for wireless app developers and content providers.  Under the plan, app developers or content providers, not customers, would pay for the data used and the data would not apply to a customer’s data cap.

The story is here.

The following is attributed to Harold Feld, legal director of Public Knowledge:

 “This new plan is unfortunate because it shows how fraudulent the AT&T data cap is, and calls into question the whole rationale of the data caps.  Apparently it has nothing to do with network management.  It’s a tool to get more revenue from developers and customers.

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PK In The Know Podcast: VZ/Spectrum Co., Data Hogs, and Cantora Labs

February 24, 2012 Comcast , Competition , Data Caps , Music , VerizonSpectrumCo

On today’s podcast we discuss problems with a pending deal between Verizon and the cable companies and more data on the myth of the data hog. We also talk with Nick Panama of Cantora Labs about embracing technology as a record label.

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If Data Caps Lack Clarity, Then Data Hogs = Flying Pigs

February 15, 2012 AT&T , Data Caps , Mobile Communication , National Broadband Plan

AT&T started throttling the cell phones of some of its heaviest data users (sometimes referred to as “data hogs”) a few months ago. Reports from the field indicate that those heavy network using “data hogs” are not that different from anyone else. 

AT&T says it only throttles the smartphones of customers who use “extraordinary level[s] of data usage.”  It turns out that these “extraordinary levels of data usage” on unlimited plans are actually a lot lower than amounts offered by the tiered plan at the same price.  What does this discrepancy mean?

First, the most current definitions of “throttling” and “data hogs:”

Throttling (verb)

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Siri, 1%, and the Truth About Data Usage

January 9, 2012 Data Caps , Wireless

Last week saw two sets of stories tied to a single report that made bombastic assertions about changing mobile data usage patterns.  While the assertions themselves are a bit misleading, they do point to an underlying truth – when using data on the go is easy and useful, people do it.

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CES is Shaped by DC Policy

January 9, 2012 Broadband , Competition , Data Caps , FCC , Innovation

This week the tech world will descend on Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show.  While there is nothing subtle about a 152-inch 3D plasma TV there are plenty of subtle forces coming from DC that shape what you see at shows like CES and at retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.  Here are just four examples.

AllVid or Why Can’t Apple, Google, Microsoft, Roku, and Boxee Boxes Get Cable Channels?

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Public Knowledge Site Helps Consumers Stay Under Wireless Data Caps, Avoid New Charges

January 6, 2012 Data Caps , Press Release

Just in time for the National Football League playoffs, Public Knowledge today opened a new Website,, to help consumers stay under the usage caps imposed by wireless carriers.  The site is sponsored by PK, Mozilla Foundation and the Open Source Democracy Foundation.

The National Football League (NFL) has announced it would stream this weekend’s wildcard games, the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl to Verizon customers’ mobile phones.  What Verizon didn’t say, however, is that watching all of those games would exceed the cap on data usage the company has imposed, and would cost customers extra money.


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PK In the Know Podcast

September 23, 2011 AT&T , Data Caps , Fair Use , Innovation , Network Neutrality

Today’s podcast is full of a month’s worth of news including AT&T/T-Mobile, Net Neutrality rules, Authors Guild and orphan works, the Hotfile case and automated copyright takedown notices, and updates from the Open Video Conference, the Open Hardware Summit (including this talk), and Makerfaire.

Oh, and of course this.

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