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Public Knowledge Argues That Proposed Sprint/T-Mobile Merger Conditions Do Not Protect Consumers

October 11, 2019 Anticompetitive mergers , Antitrust , Competition , DISH , DISH Network , DOJ , FCC , Mergers , Sprint , Sprint/T-Mobile , SprintT-Mobile , StopTmobileSprint , T-Mobile

This week, Public Knowledge filed comments with the Department of Justice regarding its proposed conditions on the Sprint / T-Mobile merger.

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Dish Could Be a Fine Competitor in Wireless – That’s Not the Point.

December 20, 2019 5G , Anticompetitive mergers , Antitrust , DISH , DISH Network , DOJ , FCC , Litigation , Spectrum , Sprint , Sprint/T-Mobile , T-Mobile , Wireless Competition

This week was the T-Mobile/Sprint merger trial’s second week, and it focused on the Department of Justice’s proposed remedy: having the combined TMO/Sprint spin off a number of assets to DISH and provide DISH with a bunch of other spectrum and network access rights to enable DISH to enter the market as a competing fourth […]

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