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It’s A Whole New Telecom Team in Washington

January 14, 2009 DMCA , FCC , Network Neutrality

There is a lot of the buzz in Washington about the selection of Julius Genachowski to be the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Genachowski's expected appointment, while significant, is still one-third of the new telecom line-up that includes three new chairmen in the Senate and House. The result of these seismic changes will be the landscape will be shifting (in some places more than others) beneath the feet of the industries which have heavily influenced the mechanisms of power for so long.

Genachowski went to law school with Barack Obama, worked on the Harvard Law Review and shot hoops with the president-elect. He is the former chief counsel to then-FCC Chairman Reed Hundt, and so was integral to the Commission at the dawn of internet technology. He also went on to work with Barry Diller at IAC and then helped to fund new companies.

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“You Got Your Copyright in My Politics!” “You Got Your Politics in My Copyright!”

October 29, 2008 DMCA , Fair Use

The interactions between campaigning and copyright law continue to crop up, as this latest development shows.

Matthew Bradley, a photographer, recently received an email noting that an online political ad seemed to be using one of Bradley's Creative Commons-licensed photos without proper attribution.

Bradley has posted a picture of Rep.

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