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AT&T’s Move to Disconnect DSL Customers Shows Harm of Deregulatory Agenda

October 14, 2020 AT&T , Broadband Access , DSL , FCC , Net Neutrality , Open Internet , Rural Broadband Access

Today, Public Knowledge, Communications Workers of America, National Digital Inclusion Alliance, Next Century Cities, Common Cause, and Greenlining Institute filed an ex parte warning the Federal Communications Commission that its deregulatory agenda leaves consumers vulnerable to losing broadband service during the pandemic. 

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As AT&T Retires Copper, the Biden FCC Must Bring Back Ground Rules

May 26, 2021 AT&T , Copper Retirement , Digital Redlining , DSL , FCC , Rural Access , Section 214 , Tech Transitions

Back in the day, copper was king. Copper strands were not only the infrastructure that our telephone service was carried over, but also the original internet connectivity point. Over time, telephone companies upgraded the copper technology to deliver better internet speeds in an effort to keep up with the new offerings coming from cable companies, […]

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