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Public Knowledge Finds Verizon Cellphone Gesture Inadequate

July 17, 2009 Handset Exclusivity , Press Release

The following statement is attributed to Harold Feld, legal director for Public Knowledge:

“Earlier today, Verizon announced a policy of ending exclusive handset arrangements for wireless carriers with fewer than 500,000 customers after a period of six months.

“Verizon’s gesture should be seen for what it is – an inadequate attempt to influence legislation and regulation. It should not be up to Verizon to decide the terms and conditions under which consumers can have the benefit of wireless handset competition.

“Corporate charity as momentum builds for a policy that one company does not like is no substitute for legislation or regulation that treats all carriers, of whatever size, alike, and all consumers, of whatever size carrier, alike.

“Obviously Verizon’s gesture applies only to it, and to no other carriers. That situation is unacceptable.

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Will the White House Explain why Copyright Laws are Privileging Cell Phone Companies?

February 22, 2013 Anti-circumvention , Competition , Copyright Office , DRM , Handset Exclusivity

So 100,000 of you (and counting) are as puzzled as we are as to why copyright laws such as the DMCA should prevent people from keeping their existing phones when they switch phone companies. By hitting that threshold of signatures several days before the 30-day deadline, the petition should generate a response from the White House.

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Wireless Boosters Are Really Useful, Let’s Make Sure We Can Actually Use Them

July 25, 2011 AT&T , Competition , Handset Exclusivity , Plug and Play , Wireless

            PK, along with the New America Foundation, has just filed its comments on the FCC’s proposed rules on the subject of wireless signal boosters. PK and NAF are trying to keep wireless boosters from getting tied to wireless carrier contracts. What’s a wireless signal booster? Here’s one:

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