PK In The Know Podcast: Regulating Networks and a Creators’ Freedom Project Update

April 13, 2012 Last Mile , Monopoly , Network Neutrality , Network Open Access , Non-Discrimination

On this week’s podcast we consider how to think about regulating networks, opportunities for boutique ISPs, and get an update on the Creators’ Freedom Project.

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Public Knowledge Questions Google-Verizon Dispute Over ‘Wallet’ Application

December 6, 2011 Network Neutrality , Network Open Access , Press Release

The following statement is attributed to Harold Feld, legal director of Public Knowledge:


“It is unfortunate that the Federal Communications Commission chose to give wireless Internet access a second-class status to becoming an open network.

“Today’s dispute between Google and Verizon is just the type of situation that likely would not happen if it were clear that a firm ‘no discrimination’ standard were in effect for wireless services.

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On today’s podcast we update the status of the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger, walk through the intricacies of politicians licensing music for their campaigns, talk about IP protection surrounding attempts to 3D print a cube from the movie Super 8, and mark the death and life of social networks.  We also discuss the decision of civil society organizations to pull out of international open internet discussions at OECD and consider the ramifications of this week’s Supreme Court ruling on minors’ access to violent video games.

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Yes, MR. CHAIRMAN, there is a Santa Claus

December 1, 2010 Broadband , FCC , Network Neutrality , Network Open Access

The time between Thanksgiving and the end of December is all about one thing – anticipation.  (Cue Carly if you wish).  Through December, there’s only one topic on everyone’s minds.  It can’t be helped.  The familiar themes float through the consciousness.  If only that day would come, wishes that were born a year ago will be fulfilled.  Sigh.

Oh, wait.  You thought I was talking about Christmas?  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Ha.  No, we’re talking about the Dec. 21 meeting of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) meeting at which the Commission is expected to proceed with some sort of open Internet rule.

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New Congress, Old Congress — Telecom Stalemate Continues

November 3, 2010 FCC , National Broadband Plan , Network Neutrality , Network Open Access , USF

After all the shouting has died down, after the House elects its Republican leaders and after the Senate sorts itself out, the reality is that policy in the telecom sector will likely remain where it has been for the past two years – in state of suspended animation.  That’s a shame, because the people who can most benefit by some reasonable and commonsense changes may not have the opportunity to do so.

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