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Getting real about the Grokster case

February 8, 2005 News , News & Analysis , P2P

Over the next few months, the Supreme Court and–likely–Congress will resume a debate over rules that could determine whether consumers will continue to enjoy the benefits of many of the gadgets CNET covers.

The debate is specifically about what kind of legal liability–if any–technology manufacturers, financiers, Internet service providers, journalists and others should have if their actions "induce" another to commit copyright infringement.

By: Gigi Sohn, CNET

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Public Knowledge’s President Reacts to Peer-to-Peer Self-Help Bill

July 25, 2002 Fair Use , News & Analysis , Press Release

While enforcing the Copyright Act and preventing copyright infringement are worthy goals, Representative Berman's Peer-to-Peer Self-Help bill goes too far. Rep. Berman's bill gives the content industry great latitude to engage in harmful behavior that could affect lawful consumer activities, as well as unlawful behavior.

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