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June 1, 2007 DRM , Fair Use , FCC , News

  • FCC Commissioner Kevin Martin said that proposed XM-Sirius merger faces a "high hurdle". Public Knowledge has tentatively supported the merger, provided it met antitrust requirements and the following conditions. Terrestrial broadcasters have opposed the deal.

  • EMI joined the three other major music labels in allowing YouTube to play its artists' performances and music videos. However, the two companies have yet to agree on how or whether users can incorporate EMI's music in personal videos and mash-ups.

  • The new RealPlayer 11 will allow users to save embedded web videos, save them, put them on iPods, or burn them to CD's (DRM-ed videos are still off-limits, but that probably won't be enough to placate content providers).

  • CNET has picked up on the MLB-Slingbox fight. CEO Bob Bowman claims the new technology is illegal because, "is not a place-shifting device, (it) is a delivery-shifting device." PK has coverage here.

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Anaheim launches Muni Wi-Fi – D.C.’s making plans.

July 6, 2006 Municipal Wi-Fi , News , Policy Blog

Communications Daily reported on Monday that D.C. technology officials announced at the WCA's wireless broadband conference that the city will have a municipal broadband network. However, the city has no specific plan for a network. It just has a plan to have a plan. Officials haven't sent out information requests yet, and questions about what technology to use and how best to implement it between residents, businesses and government are up in the air.

On the other side of the country, Anaheim, California launched its municipal wi-fi service late last week. The fee based service currently covers 10 square miles of the 49 square mile city, and there are plans to finish the network by the end of the year. Anaheim is currently the largest U.S. city to offer municipal Wi-Fi.

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New York park goers to get free Internet Wi-Fi

May 16, 2006 Municipal Wi-Fi , News , News & Analysis

AFP reports:

NEW YORK (AFP) – New York's Central Park and a number of other public spaces will become public Internet hubs starting this summer when the city's parks begin offering free wireless net access, the city government said.

"We expect Central Park to be launched in July, and the rest of the parks in the late summer," the Department of Parks and Recreation said. Among those green spaces going on-line for public Wi-Fi access will be Washington Square, Union Square, Brooklyn's Prospect Park and Flushing Meadows.

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Getting real about the Grokster case

February 8, 2005 News , News & Analysis , P2P

Over the next few months, the Supreme Court and–likely–Congress will resume a debate over rules that could determine whether consumers will continue to enjoy the benefits of many of the gadgets CNET covers.

The debate is specifically about what kind of legal liability–if any–technology manufacturers, financiers, Internet service providers, journalists and others should have if their actions "induce" another to commit copyright infringement.

By: Gigi Sohn, CNET

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