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Public Knowledge Urges FEC to Expand Online Election Advertising Disclaimers

May 29, 2018 advertising , disclosure requirements , FEC , political advertising , political advertising disclaimers

Last Friday, Public Knowledge filed comments on the Federal Election Commission’s recent Notice of Proposed Rulemaking entitled, “Internet Communications Disclaimers and Definition of ‘Public Communication’.” The NPRM proposes two different methods for adding disclaimer requirements to online election ads. Public Knowledge contends that strengthening these requirements will help enable voters to make informed choices based on online ads.

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Unpacking the Political Ad Battle Between Elizabeth Warren and Mark Zuckerberg

October 16, 2019 Digital Platform Act , Election 2020 , Facebook , Platform Regulation , political advertising

The last few days have highlighted the complete inadequacy of our political advertising rules in an era when even the President of the United States has no hesitation in blasting the world with unproven conspiracy theories about political rivals using both traditional broadcast media and social media. We cannot ignore the urgency of this for […]

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