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Over-the-Air Viewers Left Out of NBC’s Online Future

February 24, 2010 MVPD , Spectrum , Spectrum Reform , TV Everywhere

NBC's Olympics coverage, both on TV and online, hasn't won high marks. Business Insider writes that NBC's TV coverage is "ruining the Olympics for millions of Americans." Harsh. Its Internet coverage is also unavailable to the millions of Americans who watch TV over the air, undermining NBC's position that broadcast television remains an important part of its business.

It seems that over-the-air viewers, who probably watch more ads per hour than DVR-addicted home theater types–not to mention cord-cutters and "Cable's Lost Generation"–are harder to monetize than cable, satellite, and telco video subscription customers.

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Since When Did Nearly 10 Years of Study Become a “Rush.”

October 18, 2009 BitTorrent , Comcast , Network Neutrality , Spectrum

Sometimes, the Network Neutrality debate makes me feel like a grumpy old policy wonk. Well, I suppose I am a grumpy old policy wonk, but its rather unfair of the folks in the NN debate to make me feel that way — especially when they know better.

The most recent reminder of my age and wisdom/oncoming decrepitude is the rather silly argument that we are somehow "rushing" into network neutrality — because nearly ten years of study and debate cannot possibly be enough to justify this being the first major policy initiative for the Genachowski FCC.

Yes, it was 9 years ago last month when the FCC launched its first inquiry asking how to classify "high speed access to the Internet over cable and other facilities.

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