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Public Knowledge Argues That Proposed Sprint/T-Mobile Merger Conditions Do Not Protect Consumers

October 11, 2019 Anticompetitive mergers , Antitrust , Competition , DISH , DISH Network , DOJ , FCC , Mergers , Sprint , Sprint/T-Mobile , SprintT-Mobile , StopTmobileSprint , T-Mobile

This week, Public Knowledge filed comments with the Department of Justice regarding its proposed conditions on the Sprint / T-Mobile merger.

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Yale School of Management’s Case Study on AT&T/T-Mobile: Lessons for Today

June 10, 2019 Anticompetitive mergers , AT&T , Sprint , StopTmobileSprint , T-Mobile

In 2011, Public Knowledge fought hard against the AT&T/T-Mobile merger, until it was finally called off just nine months after its announcement. The merger, which would have led to higher prices and fewer choices for consumers, faced tremendous opposition. Today, we see many of the same industry talking points for the T-Mobile/Sprint proposed merger: false claims about deployment of next-generation networks, market concentration, pricing, and rural broadband access. So we were glad to see that the Yale School of Management added a section on the AT&T/T-Mobile proposed merger as a case study to its Antitrust Enforcement Data project. The project, featuring a wide range of data, serves as a resource for information and economic analyses on antitrust enforcement.

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