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Public Knowledge Policy Counsel Kathleen Burke to Testify Before Copyright Office Defending Consumers’ Right to Repair Gaming Consoles

April 19, 2021 Copyright , DMCA , Right to Repair , Section 1201 , Triennial Review , Video Games

Public Knowledge Policy Counsel Kathleen Burke will testify before the U.S. Copyright Office this Tuesday, April 20 at 10:30 a.m. Her testimony in the hearing on “Repairing Computer Programs” will argue for consumers’ right to repair their own video game consoles. The hearing is one of the Copyright Office’s “Section 1201 Public Hearings,” part of the triennial process for granting exemptions to Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

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Nintendo Mario Maker: Stealing a Fan-Made Market

January 21, 2016 Copyright , Copyright Reform , Copyright Week , Notice and Takedown , Video Games

When I was in elementary school, I noticed that students always lost their pencils so I began decorating personalized ones and handing them out. It took up so much time that I decided to sell them. My profits bought me an extra cookie at lunch and a trip to the principal’s office. The school closed down my shop. I was devastated, but what was a seven-year-old going to do against a school principal? The next year, I came across a table labeled “School Shop.” It was selling pencils. I stared at it, confused and heartbroken as to why the school would bar me from my idea, take it, and then profit off of it.

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