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Fairpoint and Free Market Fundamentalist Allies In Maine Try To Block Stimulus Grant.

January 4, 2010 Broadband , Competition , Municipal Wi-Fi , National Broadband Plan , Wireline

Ya know, if my state got a grant for $24.5 million to build out broadband networks in underserved areas, I would jump for joy. But I'm not in the Maine legislature, so what do I know?

Last month, NTIA gave Great Works internet in Maine $24.5 million toward a fiber optic network. The grant is a classic public/private partnership for a middle mile project that includes, among others the University of Maine.

Fairpoint, Maine's primary rural LEC, has objected to this "undue competition with the private sector." This would be funny, given how Fairpoint has become the poster child for the failure of the private sector to deliver on its big promises to rural communities. But Fairpoint's talking points have ended up in legislation filed by Maine State Senator Lisa Marrache (D-Waterville) and Maine State Rep.

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