Tell Congress to Fix the DMCA

An overreaching copyright law called the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) makes it illegal to bypass digital locks that are placed on copyrighted works. But every three years, the Copyright Office grants exemptions to the DMCA so that individuals can break digital locks in limited circumstances.

This week, the Copyright Office released their decisions for this triennial review period. While many exemptions were granted, the process itself is broken. In less than three years, advocates for blind readers, medical device patients, and 3D printer users will need to present their findings before the Copyright Office again, and engage in these same debates again, and wait to see if their exemptions are granted. These are just a few of the burdonsome and unnecessary locks that consumers should be able to circumvent.

Contact your representative in Congress and tell them to stop this unnecessary three-year cycle and fix the DMCA once and for all.

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