Tell Congress to Support Real Net Neutrality

In February 2015, the Federal Communications Commission adopted enforceable net neutrality rules by reclassifying internet access under Title II of the Communications Act. This is in response to millions of public comments to the FCC as well as a call from President Obama to protect net neutrality under Title II.

Title II reclassification is necessary for the FCC to fully prevent content blocking and discrimination and fast lanes on the internet. But big Internet Service Providers will be doing everything in their power to water down the proposal and influence members of Congress to get in the way.  Already there is legislation is in the works intended to thwart the Commission’s rules before they’re even on the books. 

Political support will make it easier for the FCC to implement real, enforceable net neutrality rules. Use the Zip Code tool below to contact your representatives in Congress and tell them they need to support Title II reclassification now. And watch the videos of the statements from President Obama and Chairman Wheeler.

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