Tell Congress to Support the Unlocking Technology Act

H.R. 1892 is a bill that would make sure that cell phone unlocking is legal. The bill also takes the substantial additional step of ensuring that people making lawful uses of copyrighted works won't be sued if they circumvent Digital locks in order to do so.

This bipartisan bill not only makes it clear that consumers can unlock their phones without fear of legal repercussions; it also addresses a longstanding problem with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which has been a barrier to consumers, educators, researchers, and others, in ways that don't even protect artists.

Legal uses of copyrighted works shouldn't become illegal through a technicality, and fixing this flaw in the law prevents manufacturers from locking consumers in to particular products and service plans, as well as giving people the freedom to use their own media and devices in commonsense ways.