Tell Congress and the FCC to Support Real Net Neutrality

Tell Congress To Support Real Net Neutrality

Congressional support will make it easier for the FCC to do the right thing on net neutrality. Use the tool below to voice your support to Congress. Make sure to call your Representative and both Senators!

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Call your representative

Dial this number and tell the person who answers that you wish to leave a message for the Congressperson, similar to the one below:

I would like my representative to show public support for the FCC to pass real net neutrality that classifies the Internet under Title II.

Only strong rules grounded in Title II can prevent Internet Service Providers from creating fast lanes and slow lanes on the internet.

Tell the FCC to Implement Real Net Neutrality

Use the form below to submit your official Reply Comments to the FCC. Tell the FCC they need to reclassify Internet as a Title II telecommunications service in order to have meaningful net neutrality rules.