The Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality (DCoNN)

DCoNN is an issue-specific multi-stakeholder coalition created at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) that provides a platform for discussion and analysis of the various nuances of network neutrality. The coalition’s influence goes beyond the IGF and its goal is to produce research and an annual report that summarizes current debates on net neutrality and provides policy recommendations. In addition, the DCoNN is also creating a “model framework”  for national policymakers on network neutrality consistent with international human rights standards. For more information on this coalition and its upcoming report please visit:

PK’s Carolina Rossini is a member of the coalition. At RightsCon Silicon Valley, Rossini was a panelist in the coalition’s meeting entitled Network Neutrality: How to Identify Discrimination and Advance Solutions. Rossini supports the strategic development of the coalition, is a speaker for the coalition, and also contributes to its publications.