The Global Commission on Internet Governance Research Advisory Network (GCIG)

GCIG is a two-year project launched by the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and Chatham House in January 2014 that will provide in-depth research and recommendations for promoting effective models of internet governance and global internet public policy. GCIC’s overarching missions are:

(1) to participate in public discussion and dialogue on internet governance through consultations with public, private, and non-governmental organizations;

(2) to conduct leading research on internet governance; and

(3) to advance a strategic vision for internet governance that can serve as a rallying point for democratic states who want a free and open internet.

The Research Advisory Network (RAN) assists in identifying and prioritizing internet governance and internet policy-related issues within the commission’s mandate.  In March 2014, PK’s Carolina Rossini was appointed as one of the twenty-five distinguished internet governance scholars for the commission’s Research Advisory Networks. Besides conducting research on issues related to the commission’s mandate, RAN will provide expert briefings to the members of the commission and conduct research and analysis for the commission’s preparatory work and final report. For more information on the commission and its research please visit