The Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD)

Public Knowledge is a member of the The Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD), a coalition of 75 consumer and public interest organizations from the European Union and the US that cover issues ranging from privacy and identity theft to patent and copyright issues, including pharmaceutical patents and digital rights management. In 2008, TACD approved and presented to representatives of the U.S. government a bold net neutrality resolution that called for net neutrality to be defined as “non-discrimination against content, users, providers, or devices”. The resolution included specific principles for ISP’s behavior in terms of net neutrality.

PK was actively involved in the deliberations to create the resolution and is now engaged in the review process of this resolution. For more information on the TACD resolution, please visit Sherwin Siy’s blog post on defining net neutrality and our 2008 press release on the topic. We will post news on the current review process as it becomes available.