More Powerful Than Ever: Do We Need a Regulator for Digital Platforms?


Digital platforms are today’s marketplace, library, and public square, and they are difficult for modern-day consumers to avoid. As people have moved so much of their lives online during the pandemic, digital platforms have grown more powerful than ever.

This crucial industry suffers from a lack of competition and regulation, leaving consumers and businesses with few choices, less innovation, and little recourse when something goes wrong. As a few big names have grown increasingly ubiquitous, many have called on policymakers to tackle the wide range of digital platform issues, from privacy to competition to content moderation.


Harold Feld – Senior Vice President at Public Knowledge

Susan Ness – Distinguished Fellow at Annenberg Public Policy Center – University of Pennsylvania

Deji Olukotun – Legal Counsel for Policy & Social Impact at Sonos

Adam Conner – Vice President, Technology Policy at Center for American Progress

Moderator:  Chris Lewis President and CEO of Public Knowledge