Help #UnlocktheBox for New Ideas, More Competition, and Lower Prices

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Tired of skyrocketing cable bills and paying for an old set-top box you don’t need? The FCC has a plan to help consumers save $231 dollars a year and bring more competition. 84 percent of consumers say cable prices are too high, and the FCC’s #UnlockTheBox plan offers them real relief.
But the big cable lobby is spending tens of millions to kill this pro-consumer effort. They make $20 billion a year forcing you to rent a box. Now they want to hold back innovation and force consumers to go from a monopoly box to a monopoly app.
Apps are great, but only if they are open, not closed. The FCC can ensure real competition, reform, and future innovation, if they include three key principles:
First, an open user interface, that gives consumers control.
Second, integrated search – which is critical for finding new independent and minority programming and saving money!
Third, the FCC *must* have oversight and enforceability. The big cable companies and big Hollywood studios have broken promises and used every trick in the book to block competition for the past 20 years. They even want their apps to take away consumers right to DVRs and home recording. Outrageous!
Competition is the law, and now is the time! Tell the FCC and Congress to stand up for consumers, not big cable lobbyists and #UnlockTheBox.