Reining In Big Tech in Europe and America | What US Policymakers Should Know

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Across the globe, Big Tech is in the regulatory and antitrust hot seat. The European Commission has launched two major initiatives–the Digital Markets Act & the Digital Services Act–to rein in digital platforms and protect consumers. In the United Kingdom, the Competition and Markets Authority has its own plans for a Digital Markets Unit dedicated to platform regulation. With global momentum building, what can the United States learn from these European regulatory proposals?

Watch Public Knowledge and our all-star panel of experts discuss the topic



Senator Amy Klobuchar


Dr. Mike Walker, Chief Economic Advisor, Competition & Markets Authority


Dr. Cristina Caffarra, Head of European Competition, Charles River Associates

Fiona Scott Morton, Theodore Nierenberg Professor of Economics, Yale University School of Management

Tom Wheeler, Former Chairman, Federal Communications Commission


Charlotte Slaiman, Competition Policy Director, Public Knowledge


Dr. Cristina Caffarra is a competition expert at Charles River Associates, and has been an advisor on antitrust matters both for and against tech platforms, to companies and government agencies. Corporate clients have included Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Uber, and others.

Fiona Scott Morton has engaged in antitrust expert witness consulting for a variety of corporations over the last three years, including Amazon and Apple, as well as for government enforcers.