Video: Algorithmic Amplification, Misinformation, & Hate Speech in the Pandemic

Platforms in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis are playing an even bigger role in our lives than ever before. One of the consequences of this is that hate speech and misinformation are able to spread faster and get more engagement. This can have disastrous consequences for communities, and may be responsible for racialized violence as well as exacerbate the disproportionate COVID-19 deaths in the black community. Looking at the effect of algorithmic amplification is crucial to understanding both the positive and negative impacts that platforms are playing in our society.

This is a recording of our expert discussion on these problems and possible solutions, as part of our ongoing Tech Policy Webinar Series.


  • Dr. Nicol Turner Lee, Fellow at Governance Program’s Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings
  • David Brody, Counsel & Senior Fellow for Privacy & Technology at Lawyers Committee
  • Kathleen Ruane, Senior Legislative Counsel at ACLU