Video | Broadband Network Reliability: Are “Best Efforts” Sufficient in the Digital Era?

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Historically, the internet is a “best efforts” service. Subscribers knowingly accept the risk of outages at any time as a condition of using the network. Today, access to reliable broadband has become an essential cornerstone of the economy, education, and public safety. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased our reliance on broadband even further while regulated legacy telephone networks are being phased out. Is the industry keeping pace with these changes? Or is it time to impose reliability regulations of some kind on broadband networks?

Our expert panel discussed both the current state of broadband network reliability and whether we need a new, more regulatory approach. What safeguards are already in place either at the state level or the federal level? How is the industry keeping up with the challenge of COVID-19 induced demand surges and increasingly extreme weather events? If we need a new approach, should we model it on traditional utility reliability regulation, or do we need something different?


Regina Costa – Telecommunications Policy Director, TURN

Travis Litman – Chief of Staff to FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel

Svetlana Matt – Legislative Director, Office of Rep. Jerry McNerny (D-CA)

Francella Ochillo – Executive Director, Next Century Cities

Tom Power – SVP and General Counsel, CTIA


Harold Feld – Senior Vice-President, Public knowledge