Video: Free Expression Forum – How Section 230 Uplifts Marginalized Voices

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The Free Expression Forum at Public Knowledge is an ongoing series of dialogues about the importance of free expression online to artists, entrepreneurs, and content creators. It highlights how policy decisions impact this important value and how the community of diverse online voices must stand up to preserve it as technology develops.

This first forum speaks to the role that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act plays in content moderation and free expression. Section 230 at its core allows platforms to moderate content without fear of retribution for content moderation decisions. When used well, Section 230 can facilitate conversation online, enable creators and creatives to express themselves, help organize communities and activism, and incentivize free expression.

This first episode focuses on the good that Section 230 can do when the law is used to facilitate free expression and what that can mean for the voices of marginalized communities. It introduces the challenges this law is facing among policymakers in Washington, DC.

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