Video | PK’s Fellowship Training Program – Elevating Voices in Public Policy

For almost a decade, Public Knowledge has been a leader in training diverse early career advocates for a future in public policymaking, putting them in positions to have their voices included in the making of laws and regulations.

Public Knowledge’s training program is an immersive experience where early career fellows learn by working side-by-side with PK’s lawyers and advocates, in the halls of Congress, before agencies like the FCC, FTC, and DOJ, in coalition meetings, and with the press. PK fellows have moved on to leadership positions at Common Cause, National Hispanic Media Coalition, elected office as a state senator, with federal agencies, including an FCC commissioner’s office, Capitol Hill, and other policy institutions. The fellowship program is a driver of diversity in the tech policy field. Two-thirds of the 22 fellows hired into PK’s program from 2013-2020 were female, almost two-thirds were people of color, and over one third were from families where at least one parent was born outside the U.S. At least three identified as LGBTQ+.

In honor of our 20th anniversary, we looked back at the groundbreaking projects PK has led. Below, you can hear from the leaders of the program over the years and, more importantly, some of the graduates who have gone on to policy careers.


Kristine DeBry, Chief of Staff and Senior Counsel at Public Knowledge


Chanelle Hardy, Head of Civil Rights at Google

Dallas Harris, Nevada State Senator

Gene Kimmelman, Former Public Knowledge President

Tsion Tesfaye, Author of the Diversity in Early-Career Tech Policy Roles: Challenges and Opportunities Report


Yosef Getachew, Media & Democracy Program Director at Common Cause


Chris Lewis, President and CEO at Public Knowledge